Executives Abroad: Five Signs that You Are Miscommunicating with Your Cross-Cultural Teams

Cross-Cultural Communication Checklist

1. Even though you have significant international experience, what actually happens in the new culture ends up being quite different than you expected.

2. It feels like your new team and local management do not trust you. You don't understand each other and communication is inefficient.

3. You find that your team is focusing on low-priority tasks which makes it difficult to reach your goals.

4. It feels like the relational conflicts you are facing hinder the progress of your projects.

5. You find that different cultural visions about leadership styles prevent you from managing flexibility and diversity efficiently in your team. 

In the call, you will

  • Get a clear third-party picture of how your multicultural team(s) work(s) together with your executive(s) abroad and where the breakdowns are occurring
  • Discover the highest-priority action items around your key issues
  • Learn how working with Emerg-Et-Sens can boost your bottom line while creating a stronger international company culture

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