Manager interculturel · 13. mai 2020
Comment communiquer avec vos équipes ou avec des collaborateurs qui sont confinés dans un autre pays?
Women working across cultures · 15. octobre 2019
Towards the emergence of young female managers exposed to foreign cultures as part of a professional assignment abroad.
Vers une émergence des jeunes femmes managers exposées aux cultures étrangères dans le cadre d'une mission professionnelle à l'international
Multicultural manager · 20. novembre 2017
Book a FREE 30 Minute Cross-Cultural Assessment Call and you will - Get a clear third-party picture of how your multicultural team(s) work(s) together with your executive(s) abroad and where the breakdowns are occurring - Discover the highest-priority action items around your key issues - Learn how working with Emerg-Et-Sens can boost your bottom line while creating a stronger international company culture
Multicultural manager · 27. septembre 2017
Cultural adjustment goes through different phases and is not a taken for granted reality. External and internal reasons motivate the executives abroad to adapt to cultural change.
Building business abroad · 27. avril 2017
Developing cultural awareness in Africa. Here are five global cultural aspects, commonly shared in all black Africa, which need to be considered before entering the business arena on the continent: 1. Desire to reclaim their resources 2. Time management: Time is plentiful, "time is money" in the African way 3. Socialising to build trust 4. The group culture and individualism versus collectivism in today's Africa 5. The submission to the boss and the chief figure
Building business abroad · 17. mars 2016
By Françoise Falisse
ExpatriationFR · 17. mars 2016
Du départ à l'installation dans un nouveau pays
ExpatriationEN · 16. mars 2016
By Françoise Falisse

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