Assistance for organisations


Reviewing certain ways of working, realigning the prevailing vision and values in the context of a merger, acquisition, strategic redeployment, setting up of a new site, implementation of a new integrated management system, etc.

Possible ways forward

  • Members of management share the same vision
  • Stimulate creativity
  • A better understanding of the culture, with shared values that have been jointly established, makes that culture more vivid
  • More transparent communication

The Emerg-Et-Sens approach

We follow a two-stage procedure: diagnosis and implementation.




Diagnosing change and determining the priorities, by:

  • Analysing the impacts of the change on the organisation
  • Systemic analysis of the organisation's structures
  • Analysing the organisation's culture and values




In this stage, Emerg-Et-Sens acts as a facilitator of change, with regard to:

  • Clarifying the organisation's mission
  • Creating the vision
  • Building identity values and putting them into practice within the organisation
  • Integrating new values into the corporate culture and sharing them at the different levels of the organisation




Supporting a change process is a huge, complex area. It requires a variety of skills.


Depending on the client's support requirements, Emerg-Et-Sens may work in partnership with firms of consultants providing complementary services who specialise in particular areas of change management (such as processes, methods, operations or strategy).


Working in partnership like this results in a more global, all-encompassing approach to change. This cooperative approach has the benefits of a more comprehensive service and a solution which is tailored precisely to the client's requirements.


Example of partnership with six consultants/trainers/coaches:

Creation of PITCH (Performance Improvement Tools Celebrating Humans), an innovative approach emphasising the role of humans within organisations and focusing on developing team performance.