Emerg-Et-Sens' mission

My mission: 


  • To integrate individual values and group cultures to produce a global, genuine vision.
  • To put people (back) in touch with themselves in a situation of change at work.
  • To support managers and executives in getting teams and organisations to bond (again).
  • To celebrate the human as a lever of development and change within your organisation, taking your performance requirements into account.




  1. By devising practical plans of action that can be put into operation swiftly and directly
  2. By striving to create a relationship based on trust at the various levels at which I work
  3. By listening attentively and perceptively and exercising critical faculties
  4. By using my interpersonal skills and extensive experience to tailor my communication to the different levels at which I work
  5. By adopting a systemic approach that takes account of the vertical and horizontal interconnections within the organisation in order to produce a global vision


Why use Emerg-Et-Sens?


I look for initiatives that are meaningful for my clients.

I see supporting managers and their teams in their professional development as a way of nurturing talent.

I am passionate about human relations and other cultures.