Professional career

I graduated in administration and corporate management and obtained a master's degree in Germanic studies (English and Dutch) from the University of Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium. I gained a wide body of experience in the corporate world by holding positions in countless areas of expertise including commercial management, communications, human resources, direct consulting for several general departments.


I am a professional coach and a certified analyst in the AEC Disc®  Method, and I also trained myself in organisation systems thinking and in corporate cultures in order to master subtle management skills.


I started my freelance career in Morocco where I gained experience in individual and team coaching for service companies.


My clients are mainly active in the industry and academic sectors, namely Supply Chain Management.

I worked with several professional partners and I was also active in the associative sector:

  • As a board member in ABCAL (Association Belge des Cadres d'Achats et de Logistique)
  • As a teamleader developing, with other female entrepreneurs, an Entrepreneur Academy dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship in the Association of women business owners of Belgium (FCE, member of the FCEM worldwide network)
  • As a mentor in a mentoring program in the association PWI (Professionnal Women International, member of the PWN worldwide network) As a coach for cross-cultural management.
Eleven years spent abroad with ten years in Africa (Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco) helped me develop an enhanced perception of change, receptiveness towards intercultural relationships and a great respect for others in general. 
I now live in Luxembourg as an expatriate where I continue my personal and professional development.