Emerg-Et-Sens' values

Emerg-Et-Sens believes that building a relationship based on trust is essential when taking on any new assignment. If it is to be effective, that relationship must be founded on respectful behaviour towards clients and a genuine attitude in line with what makes sense for the consultant and seems fair to her.


Honesty is important to Emerg-Et-Sens and is based on the following criteria:

  • Obeying the rules established in the contract for the particular assignment and the code of ethics for coaching
  • Applying her skills in real situations, constantly striving to improve and developing new tools in line with her experiences
  • Integrity in the face of adversity and truthfulness when presenting her findings


The consultant deploys her abilities and capacity for being a good listener to meet her clients' specific requirements. In the firm belief that creativity benefits from sharing, Emerg-Et-Sens favours joint endeavour.  


Emerg-Et-Sens likes to create a relaxed climate when undertaking her assignments as she takes the view that a pleasant atmosphere facilitates interpersonal relationships and makes it easier to put the plan of action into effect.