Coaching multicultural teams


  • Mistrust and preconceptions about others
  • Different ways of working can give rise to tension and conflict 
  • Different understanding of the same message or the targets to be attained
  • Totally different ways of solving the same problem
  • Different vision of things, or lack of awareness of common operating processes
  • Behaviour inappropriate to the context

Possible ways forward

  • Tightening ties between team members
  • Facilitating effective communication
  • Fostering synergies between staff and with the team manager
  •  Attaining common targets
  • Melding differences into complementary features
  • Nurturing talent and finding solutions that benefit from different approaches
  • Dissipating conflicts

The Emerg-Et-Sens approach

  • Developing self-knowledge in order to understand other people better and adapt one's behaviour to the people and the situation (aims, organisational context and situation at the time). Among other things, Emerg-Et-Sens uses the AEC Disc®  Method intercultural module as a tool for personal and professional development in an international context.
  • Developing a cooperative way of working:
    • Encouraging sharing of experiences and developing a team's ability to derive mutual benefit from views, experiences and
      values that are different from their own
    • Sharing or strengthening a common vision of the aims to be achieved
    • Exchanging experiences about different cultures’ ways of working
    • Pinpointing convergent cultural factors between people from different cultures and supporting the divergent factors
    • Promoting a common, shared understanding of specific responsibilities and roles