Facilitation groups

Facilitating groups, with the emphasis on sharing professional experiences and swapping good practices (know-how and interpersonal skills) to help the participants to put the issue(s) raised in the group into perspective and thus enable them to come up with a practical solution to suit the particular situation.


Who’s it for? HR managers, purchasing managers, sales managers, international development managers, business people.


  • How can I manage cultural diversity within my organisation or team?
  • Harmoniously developing male - female management
  • Strengthening bonds, sharing common values with managers and executives who are a long way off geographically
  • Dealing with conflict as part of intercultural management
  • Setting up an HR development strategy appropriate to a multicultural organisation

Possible ways forward

  • Broaden your fields of perception
  • Develop a genuine coaching attitude
  • Start a self-assessment and personal development process

The Emerg-Et-Sens approach

Listening, sharing, joint endeavour, passion for human relationships, respect, communication, problem-solving.


Phase I:

  1. Having group members meet each other
  2. Establishing rules and the operating framework (number of meetings, times, place, etc.)
  3. Choosing the type of facilitation (e.g.: coaching format, training format, mixed, etc.)
  4. Learning basic coaching methods


Phase II: Start of facilitation process – packing the suitcase


Phase III: Close and exchange of feedback – fastening the suitcase.