Multicultural leadership


Frustration, unease, tension or conflict arising in particular from:

  • Coordination problems between managers who come from different cultures or are a long way apart geographically
  • Patchy communication because of an incomplete view of the actual situation and operating in isolation
  • No clear view of the hierarchical structure of specific functions and local contexts which managers of subsidiaries have to deal with
  • Different understandings of the same message
  • Divergent views or no shared views of leadership and the aims to be achieved 

Possible ways forward

  • Helping managers to bond with one another and with their line managers
  • Dissipating conflicts
  • Achieving more effective communication between line managers (horizontally and vertically)
  • Fostering better understanding of the specific context and motivations, and of the local ways of working
  • Dismantling prejudices between managers and with senior management at head office
  • The organisation's performance

The Emerg-Et-Sens approach

  • (Re-)learning self-knowledge in order to understand other people better and adapt one's behaviour to the people and the situation (aims and organisational and operational context). Among other things, Emerg-Et-Sens uses the AEC Disc®  Method intercultural module as a tool for personal and professional development in an international context.
  • Developing a wider awareness of multiple contexts
  • Developing and sharing a common vision of the aims, values, change and conflict management
  • Promoting experience-sharing on different managers' specific ways of working
  • Promoting a common understanding of the cultural models that serve as basic references for managers and their senior management
  • Identifying the convergent cultural and functional factors as a reference base for a smooth work process and pinpointing areas of divergence
  • Promoting an approach based on understanding and developing performance through diversity