Expat managers


  • Expat finds it hard to adapt to his/her new working environment
  • Expat experiences a culture gap with respect to the way the new organisation works

Possible ways forward

Help the expat to adapt personally and integrate professionally, rapidly and effectively, into his/her working environment.

The Emerg-Et-Sens approach

  • Giving the expat a forum for communication which is understanding, respectful and benevolent so that he/she can express his/her questions, uncertainties, needs or frustrations
  • (Re-)discovering oneself and developing in a new context
  • Facilitating an appropriate management method via an intercultural decoding model (intercultural frame of reference linking management criteria with cultural factors)
  • Developing effective communication (AEC Disc® Method)
  • Facilitating adaptation into society and working on resistance to change
  • Working on restrictive beliefs arising from ignorance of another culture and preconceptions