Welcome on Women Abroad

Women Abroad, The Podcast that invites young professional women in an international context to share their experiences abroad and reveal the wonderful women behind these stories.


  • I was brought on to live and work overseas in Egypt (from 1995 to 1998), Morocco (2008-2011), Nigeria twice (1994 and from 2015 to 2018) and I currently live in Luxembourg (from 2018). 
  • In this podcast, I meet young women who are studying or starting their careers abroad, and hear from them about their discoveries, culture shock, and the personal and professional challenges they face.
  • What surprises, amuses, even fascinates them? How does their experience open up new perspectives and reveal new things about themselves? 
  • If you are curious about living and working internationally, this podcast will inspire you to consider new horizons.

# 1 episode - Interview with Vladiana Apetroaie

  • Today for our first episode I am hosting Vladiana Apetroaie, a young Romanian who has been working as website Administrator and E-Learning Developer at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium since early 2019.
  • After her bachelor degree in European studies she obtained from the university of Bucharest, Romania, she spent four years in Leuven, Belgium where she got a Master in Anthropology/Migration and Minorities followed by a University Certificate in social sciences at the University of Leuven. 

  • Our paths crossed on internet about five years ago when I was still in Belgium and what had struck me about her was her passionate nature. She explains to us how it all started for her in Belgium, how she perceives the country, how our mental representations can positively or negatively impact our perception of people of another culture.
  • She presents her learning experience from a very holistic stand point and tells us how she has grown as a person from studying, living and working abroad.